Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)

Liquid Penetrate Inspections are the simplest, most effective way to verify and identify open to the
surface discontinuities. Penetrates can be used on almost any material, such as plastic, glass,
ceramics, carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum, exotic alloys… the list is endless.
Enjaz company maintains numerous working procedures, techniques, and penetrate materials that
have been specifically designed to ensure that the desired inspection criteria for any project is met or
exceeded. Enjaz Engineering Testing Est. has visible dye and florescent dye capabilities to
compliment a project of any size, from the smallest parts, to the largest vessels or sphere.
All Enjaz Engineering Testing penetrate
materials are used with environmental
and safety concerns in mind. All of our
written procedures and inspection
techniques include sections regarding
testing material management, including
LOX environments, reactive possibilities,
material contamination, and inspection
site material containment.