Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Magnetic Particle
Magnetic Particle Inspection is the premier NDE method for simple detection of surface and slight
subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials. utilize Enjaz company S numerous visible
powder and florescent magnetic particle procedures in order to provide competent inspections as
required by applicable code or specification.
Enjaz Engineering Testing technicians are certified in accordance with SNT-TC-1A. Our applied
procedures and techniques are in complete compliance with the requirements of ASME, API, AWS,
and anther Specifications, and have been reviewed and accepted by Quality Assurance auditors on
many of the most prestigious projects in our industry.
A reviewable permanent record is available on any Enjaz Engineering Testing MT inspection. Enjaz
Engineering Testing technicians utilize numerous recording methods, including digital video and
photography that can be enhanced by our own computer programs and submitted along with a
detailed Magnetic Particle Inspection report. Using additional NDT methods, any Magnetic Particle
Inspection can be thoroughly supplemented, or suspect indications positively confirmed by
technicians or inspection personnel. Enjaz company.
Magnetic Flux Leakage
Above Ground Tank Inspections the required inspections of above ground storage tanks has finally
been recognized as a vital necessity in the integrity and environmental programs of responsible
operators worldwide.
Enjaz company routinely supply our customers with complete tank inspections, including visual
inspections performed by a certified API 653 Inspector, Ultrasonic surveys, Magnetic Flux Leakage
testing, and complete documentation of all inspections performed.
Applying a new inspection technology, the standard visual and ultrasonic inspections of tank floors
has recently been complimented by the application of Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspections. Gone are
the days of relying on hammer tests and spot ultrasonic floor inspections. Enjaz company can provide
near 100% inspection of storage tank floors in a thorough and cost effective manner. The MFL
Inspection will accurately reveal corrosion pitting and wall loss on both the interior of the tank floor
and the previously inaccessible underside of the tank. The MFL test sweeps the floor of the tank as
technicians mark areas to be verified by visual inspections and ultrasonic testing. The information
collected by tests conducted by Enjaz company technicians and inspectors can be used to establish
an existing baseline for the tank, or to determine remaining wall and fit for service corrosion
calculations. Enjaz company tank inspections allow the customer to be aware of any potential trouble
area, and provide the means in which to monitor the area of concern.