In the field of non-destructive testing, it is essential that inspection and testing personnel have
specific and special qualifications. We offer bespoke NDT qualification courses with trainers who
have gathered abroad practical and theoretical knowledge from many years of experience. Our
courses can provide formal qualifications or be tailored according to client requirements, such as
training for managers or design engineers. Our courses are held in various languages and are
available around the globe.

Ensuring the failure-free operation of structural components and systems is essential within any
industrial sector. Even as components and structures age, they must continue to fulfill their function
reliably and cost-effectively. Should defects remain undetected, damage may be caused to the
component, possibly leading to operation shutdown with costly loss of production. With the help
of our non-destructive testing (NDT) & training services you can benefit from different testing
methods that determine and characterize the actual condition of equipment, thus enabling early
damage detection, also improve your management team skills and understanding.

Our conventional NDT testing methods include:
• Visual testing (VT)
• Dye penetrant testing(PT)
• Magnetic particle testing(MT)
• Eddy-current testing(ET)
• Radiographic testing (RT)
• Acoustic Emission testing(AE)
• Non-destructive laboratory testing
• Sorting and containment services
• Positive material identification(PMI)

We constantly develop more effective processes to better serve your requirements. We have many
years of experience in responding to the needs of industry and quickly providing answers to the
inspection challenges that arise. Our specialized applications help clients by enhancing inspection
quality, simplifying processes, speeding up inspection setup and making the results easier to

Our advanced NDT testing methods include:
• Computed
• Sampling Phased Array
• Corrosion Mapping
• Radiography
• Time of Flight Diffraction(TOFD)
• Eddy-Current
• Phased Array
• Pulsed
• MFL (magnetic flux leakage