Coating Thickness Gauge CTG-242

Uploaded at: September 6th, 2021
  • Main Features
  • 1.All English menu
  • 2. Two types measuring and working method
  • 3.Memory up to 500 ocs measurement value
  • 4.Data delete function
  • 5.Can set the limits
  • 6.can automatic alarm for measurement value of out of limits
  • 7.Under voltage indication of power and manual and automatic power off
  • Main Functions
  • 1. Automatic calibration zero point, can revise system error.
  • 2.Can setting the out of the tolerance alarm of the upper and lower limit.
  • 3.Data transmitter: RS232 interface, can connect with PC
  • 4.Voltage tips, automatic power off function
  • 5.Large screen LCD with backlight, adjustable contrast
  • 6.Two-point calibration function.

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