Coating Thickness gauge CTG-920

Uploaded at: September 6th, 2021

Functions & Features
– With high quality metal probe.
-Large memory to store 4 kinds of materials and 1560 test values.
-Software for PC connection and data transmission, analysis.
-Two measurement methods: continuous and single;
-Two working modes: direct and batch;
-Limit setting function.
-Turn off automatically or manually.
-3 ways for easy calibration: with one specimen, two specimens or five specimens to complete calibration..
-Five statistics: Average, Maximum, Minimum, Test, Standard deviation.
-Shipping with 5 calibration specimens (48.5m, 99.8m, 249m, 513m, 1024m)
-3 years warranty and lifetime service
Material Measuring Tool
– Non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrates (such as aluminum, chromium, copper, zinc, tin, rubber, paint on steel, iron, alloys and magnetic steel). (Fe)
-Non-conductive coating on magnetic metals (such as rubber, plastic, paint, aluminum oxide, copper, zinc, tin) . (NFe)

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