Uploaded at: September 6th, 2021
  • Descriptions:
  • The latest ultrasonic thickness gauge CTS-49 and CTS-59 are newly released model by SIUI. To keep pase with the leading technology and the market requirement, CTS-49 and CTS-59 are the high-end thickness gauge model with combine the latest techniques, innovative design and complete inspection requirements. It is suitable for wide range inspections, especially corrosion application
  • Features:

    1.Auto search function can automatically adjust the display range and the gain based on the detected echo.

    2.Standard (R-B1,transmission pulse to the first echo),through coating measurement (B1-B2, or Bm-Bn) and coating measurement         function available.

    3.A scan and B scan functions available.

    4.Up to including English/French/Germany/Spanish/Portuguese/Chinese for selection.

    5.Multi probes compatible for selection.

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