Uploaded at: September 7th, 2021
  • Descriptions:
  • Rockwell hardness test is a simple instrument to test the hardness value of hard metals, carburized steels, quenched steels, hard cast irons, mild steels, Al-alloys, Cu-alloys and malleable irons.
  • II. Standard
    According to ISO 6508 and ASTM E18.
  • III. Feature
    1. It measures the depth difference between the primary and testing load and convert the depth difference to the hardness value.
    2. These machines can be operated semi-automatically.
    3. They are essential testing instruments for quality testing section, university and college, research institution and industrial laboratory.
    IV. Technical Specification
    1. Brinell hardness test (N): 31.25kgf(306.5N)62.5kgf(612.9N)187.5kgf(1839N)
    2. Brinell Scale: HBW2.5/31.25 HBW2.5/62.5 HBW2.5/187.5 HBW5/62.5
    3. Rockwell hardness test (N):  60kgf(588N) 100kgf(980.7N) 150kgf(1471N)
    4. Rockwell Scale: HRA HRB HRC HRD HRE HRF HRG HRK HRH
    5. Vickers hardness test( N): 30kgf(294.2N)   100kgf(980.7N)
    6. Vickers Scale: HV-30, HV100
    7. Min measure:
    Brinell: 0.004mm  Vickers: 0.002mm
    8. Max. measure height
    Rockwell: 175 Vickers, Brinell: 145mm
    9. Weight: 60kg
    10. Power: AC220+5%,50~60Hz
    11. Duration time: 2-60s
    12. Rockwell: 20~100   Vickers: 8~2900 Brinell: 8~650HBW

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