Uploaded at: September 7th, 2021
  • Descriptions:
  • MF-LXA hardness tester is widely applied in the low and medium hardness plastic, all kinds of rubber, multi-dimensional fat, leather, wax etc. The product conforms to GB/T531-2008, reference to inspection standard JJG304-2003.MF-LXAO hardness tester is used to test the hardness of Vulcanized rubber of low hardness and thermoplastic rubbers and other materials. It’s according to the national standard GB/T531-2008, reference to specification standard JJF1312-2011.

    MF-LXD hardness tester is suitable for hardness test of high degree of hardness material, such as common hard rubber, hardened resin, acryl, Plexiglas, thermos plastic rubber, printing plate, fibred. The product conforms to GB/T531-2008, reference to specification standard JJG1039-2008.

  • Technical Parameters: 
    Dial Scale 0 ~100HA  0 ~100AO  0 ~100HD
    Needle Stroke 2.5mm
    Measure Range 10 ~90HA  10 ~90AO  10 ~ 90HD
    Needlepoint Size Ф 0.79 mm  SR 2.5 mm  SR 0.1 mm
    External Size (W*D*H) mm 112*60*25 112*60*30 112*60*25
    Package Size (W*D*H) mm 150*100*40 150*100*40 150*100*40
    N.W/G.W. (Kg)  0.2/0.5

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