FD-200 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Uploaded at: September 5th, 2021


This is a portable industrial non-destructive flaw detector, which can rapidly, easily and accurately inspect, locate, evaluate and diagnose various defects (crack, inclusion and pinhole, etc.) in a workpiece without destruction. It can be used both in a lab and field. The instrument can be widely used in any fields that need defect inspection and quality controlling e.g. manufacturing industry, iron & steel metallurgical industry, metalworking, chemical industry, etc., also be broadly used in the active safety inspection and service-life evaluation in such fields as aerospace, railway transportation and boiler pressure vessels, etc. It is an essential instrument for non-destructive inspection industry.


When the ultrasonic wave propagates in a job, one can detect the defect in it by the influence on the propagation of ultrasonic wave based on the acoustic characteristic demonstrated by the defect in the material. Based on this principle, by using ultrasonic wave one can measure such defects as crack, pinhole and inclusion in such media as metal, non metal and composite, etc.


· Automated display precise flaw location(Depth d、level p、distance s、amplitude、sz dB、ф);

· Automated switch three staff gauge ((Depth d、level  p、distance s);

· Automated calibration of transducer Zero-point, Angles, Front edge and material Velocity ;

· Convenient to make and use DAC and AVG to evaluate the echo,the curve can be modified and compensated

· Ten independence setup, any criterion can be input freely, we can work in the scene without test block;

· Big memory of 300 A graph and 30000 thickness value.

· Automated gain and gain scan;

· Automated make video of test process and play;

· Peak Hold and Peak Memory;

· B scan;

·Powerful pc software and reports can be export to excel;

·The embedded software can be online updated;

·Li battery, continuous working time up to 9 hours;

·Solid metal housing

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