FD860 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Uploaded at: September 5th, 2021
The AFD860 is an ultra-light portable UT instrument of outstanding performance. Compatible with EN12668-1:2010. This instrument is mounted with TG TFT display of full WVGA (800×480 pixels) resolution for excelling visibility even used outdoors or in strong sunlight. Another amazing feature of this product is the “square wave drive” which realizes the user’s dream for best sensitivity and resolution. Moreover, it’s compatible with EN12668-1:2010, the popular instrumentation standards widely recognized in European and even the international market. Weighing only 0.9kg, this apparatus enables the user to carry it just like an on-hand tool for instant inspection task. All these distinct advantages make it superior as compared to its counterparts.

Square Wave Drive
800X480 Pixels
Curved Surface Consideration
DGS & DAC functional Curve
RF Waveforming Mode
Velocity/Delay/Angle Calibration
Recording (1 Hour in Total)
Echo Crest Tracking
Enveloping (for Waveform Comparison)
AWS D1.1 Evaluation Module
API 5UE Evaluation Module
Performance Indices Test
1000 Frames of A-scan Storage
ComApp for PC Review and Report Print
0.9kg in Weight

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