Uploaded at: September 7th, 2021
  • Descriptions:
  • MT-2XCF rechargeable frequency conversion rotating magnetic flaw detector is based on principle that the leakage magnetic field can absorb the magnetic powder. Make use of magnetic yoke magnetized the workpiece of ferromagnetic material. If there has defects it will produce leakage magnetic field that will adsorb magnetic powder. We could detect the flaw by observing the density of adsorption magnetic powder.

    It adopts large capacity lithium battery. By the inverter and the phase shifted signal processor to provide power for the detector, it solves the shortcomings of traditional magnetic particle detector relying on the 220V power supply. It has low power consumption and can continuous work for more than 6 hours. And the battery can be charged when the detector is on and off. Especially suitable for the field testing.

    It can choose the current frequency according to the flaw depth with unique frequency conversion communication design, that improve the detection sensitivity. Its widely used in aircraft manufacturing, boiler and pressure vessels and other fields. It is a necessary professional precision instrument of quality control, in-service safety monitoring and life assessment.

  • Features:
  • 1. The large capacity lithium battery makes it portable, solves the drawbacks of traditional, magnetic particle detector relying on the 220V power supply, with low power consumption, small size, battery can be charged when the detector is on and off.
  • 2. With the unique frequency conversion communication design, it can adjust the output current frequency and output current according to the different depth of flaws in order to meet different demands.
  • 3.New power mode adopted, which improves sensitivity as well as depth in metal surface detection.
  • 4.The electric yoke adopts high permeability material, which has high sensitivity of the detection speed and can detect the deep defects on the surface and layer of the workpiece.
  • 5.The product is equipped with portable package, operator can put it on the waist, greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve work efficiency.

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