Phascan Doppler Ultrasonic Phased Array Flaw Detector

Uploaded at: September 6th, 2021

Phascan Doppler Ultrasonic Phased Array Flaw Detector is a high-level phased array inspection instrument developed by Doppler with superior performance and general-purpose.It focus o positioning in pratical applicability and advanced technology, and is suitable for machinery, transportation, oil and gas, aerospace and other fiedls. Based on the actual inspection requirement, the development combines existing development and manufacturing of advanced probe technology with hardware, software and field application experience, aiming at provideing users with the best solution.


1 Key features of Doppler PHASCAN Ultrasonic phased array Flaw Detector

1.1 High performance
1)32/128 channels for phased array inspection, with independent channels for high-performance   TOFD and conventional ultrasonic function.
2)Negative square-wave emission, with resolution up to 2.5ns
3)PRF up to 20KHz
4.)With bandwidth of 0.5-15MHz, compatible with most phased array probes

1.2 Powerful function
1) Embeded with focal law calculator, with 4 kinds of scanning methods namely linear, sectorial, depth and static
2) True Depth, sound path, projection, and focal plane,4 kinds of focus types available

3.Perfect data processing ability

1) Real-time data acquisition, data analysis can be performed online or off-line.
2) Up to 1024 focal law supported to meet the high-speed scanning rate and avoid data loss.
3) SD card or external USB device selectable for data storage.
4) Test report can be generated directly in the instrument or on the computer off-line.

4.Multi-use for one machine
1) In addition to phased array function, the Phascan has 2 pairs of independent channels to support conventional UT test.
2) It can also achieve simultaneous inspection of phased array and TOFD, make” one machine, multi-use” true.

5.More accurate on measurement result
Delay and sensitivity calibration can be performed on each beam, which makes measurement more accurate.

6.Simultaneous inspection of TOFD & PA
1) 2 pairs of independent channels for TOFD inspection, parameters can be set independently for each pair.

2)  Support dual PA & TOFD scanning with different settings, which increases scanning coverage greatly and avoid data loss efficiently.

7.Touch Screen Interface
The revolutionary touch screen interface offers simple and quick navigation, enhanced value and text input functions.

8.Weld illustration function
The weld illustation function facilities the creation of industry-standard weld illustration for analysis whole acoustic cover area.


The wizard menu is used to set all essential parameters, users can complete configrations through wizard with ease


Used to calibrate the velocity/wedge delay/sensitivity and so on, to improve detect accuracy.

Guide the user step-by-step through Velocity, Wedge Delay, Sensitivity and TCG calibrations.

11.Data Acquisition/Analysis/Management

1.Easy-to-use  interface with mechanized or semi-automated scanner system, and simlpe wheel    encoders

2.Data storage for full A-scans, S-scans/C-scan avalilable offine

3 Data storage option for internal memory /SD card or USB media devices, foolproof data management.


Reports are stored and viewedon the instrument,and can also be saved as HTML documents for using on a computer,

Reports are fully custmized.

13.Phscan data analysis and reporting with drawscan

1. Draw is the perfect PC-based companion to the Phascan instruments and seamlessly imports Phascan files for advanced processing and analysis in Drawscan

2.Defects can be added into the indication-table database and also add comments specific to each indication.

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