Last update: August 3rd, 2021


#Section_A Piping Design As per ASME 31.3 ,31.4, B16.5, B1647 Series A

A.1 Piping wall thickness calculations

A.2 Pipe line design Proprieties “Pressure, Temperature”

A.3 Piping Material Selection

A.4 Expansion Loop calculations

A.5 Selections of Piping branches

A.6 Determine of ASME Piping compositions

A.7 Calculations of Piping system weight

A.8 Underground Details

➡️#Section_B Piping Support

B.1 Calculations of pipe load on Fixed Support

B.2 Safe spans for pipe support Selections

B.3 selection of Steel Pipe support Type

B.4 Selection of Concrete Support type

B.5 Making Bill of Materials BOM

B.6 Calculations of structure weight

B.7 Road Croosing / Culvert

➡️#Section_C AutoCAD Drafting -2D.3D

C.1 Introduction in AutoCAD GENERAL

C.2 Making 2D & 3D Drawings

C.3 Modify on 2D

C.4 Solid modelling in 3D Drawing

C.5 Measuring & Annotations

C.6 Preparing of Plotting Layouts

C.7 How to use AutoCAD Layers

C.8 Insetting of PDF , Excel & Photos inside AutoCAD file

C.9 Making suctions view for 3D Models

C.10 Export AutoCAD Drawing

➡️#Section_D AutoCAD Plant 3D

D.1 Interview for AutoCAD plant 3D

D.2 Making of Piping Project Details

D.3 Pipe Routing in 3D

D.4 Preparing Isometric template

D.5 Project Setup

D.6 Piping proprieties Definition

D.7 Making of Equipment’s

D.8 Route Pipe system

D.9 Insert piping component in pipe route “Valves, Fittings, Owlets, .Etc”

D.10 Generation ISOMETRIC Drawing & Modifications

D.11 Generation GA Drawings

D.12 P&ID Drawings

D.13 Making of MTO for Piping project

D.14 Working with piping specifications Editor

D.15 Exporting project Report

D.16 Inserting of pipe support

D.17 Steel Structure Modelling

️#Section_E Pipe Fabrication

E-1 Gost x ANSI Connection methods

E-2 Fabrication of ECC Reducer

E-3 Fabrication of Elbows

E-4 Fabrication of CON Reducer

️#Section_F Inspection Quick View

F-1 Hydrotest

F-2 X ray


F-4 Flushing

F-5 holiday test

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