QA-QC e&l

Last update: August 4th, 2021


What is E&I qc? and what is his role?

‏2-Deffination of abbreviation related with E&I and Project DWG Awareness

‏3-Forms and document Related to E&I Inspector

‏4-Equipments and appliances used for E&I Inspection

‏5-Build Maintain E&I qc log

‏6-charm of focal points that qa-qc contact with?

‏7-Greate and treat with RFI Request for inspection

‏8-NCR, DVR, FCN Generate and response

‏9-Attachements and tools required to do Inspection

‏10- Type of inspection

‏11- Cable Types and Inspections Required

‏12-Galnd Types and Inspection

‏13-Transformer Inspection before and after installation (Oil Test, Winding Test, IR Test)

‏14-Motor Test Functional test, IR Test

‏15-Earthing Protection Test

‏16-PCS, ESD & FGS Panels and connection Inspection

‏17-JBs, Instrument Installation, Welding Receptacles Inspection

‏18-Lighting Inspection Installation End Loop Resistance and Last.

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