Radiographic Test Course

Last update: August 9th, 2021

• Introduction:
This course is designed to increase the knowledge and practical skills of mechanical technicians whom involved in welding inspection and quality control
of welding processes according to ASNT-SNT –TC-1A & SNT-CP-189.
• Who Should Attend?
Mechanical technicians and engineers with the required experience to apply for
• Course Duration (in Iraq):
10 Days
• Course Outlines:
Module 1 – introduction to Radiographic testing.
Module 2 – Basic principles of radiation.
Module 3 – selection radiographic testing technique.
Module 4 – Radiographic Film.
Module 5 – Safety.
Module 6 – Specialized radiographic applications.
Module 7 – Radiographic testing control and calibration.
Module 8 – test procedure and standards.

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