SIUI SUPOR Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Uploaded at: September 5th, 2021


SIUI SUPOR Ultrasonic Flaw Detector combines both Phased Array (PA) and Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) as well as conventional ultrasonic testing in the one superior unit. SUPOR is designed to increase productivity in various inspection situations. It is suitable for the inspection of flaw position and size in fields such as weld inspection, gas pressure welding on rail, pressure vessel inspection, as well as stainless steel and PE pipe inspection.


  • Grouping scanning: divide into up to 6 groups for one PAUT probe for different inspections.
  • Support 2 PAUT probes working simmultaneously with grouping function.
  • Phased Array mode (16/32 channels), Phased Array + TOFD mode, Multi-channel TOFD mode or conventional UT mode.
  • Simultaneous inspecton of PA and TOFD.
  • PC-based software for download, analysis and reporting of results.
  • TKY software (optional).
  •  Velocity, Sensitivity, Delay, TCG calibration.
  • Welding Simulation.
  • Scan setup wizard.
  • Real Time A/B/C/D scan.
  • 8.4″ LED touch screen with 800 x 600 pixel resolution

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