SIUI SYNCSCAN Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Uploaded at: September 5th, 2021

The SyncScan is Siui’s latest ultrasonic flaw detector which incorporates the latest advancements in high performance Phased Array and TOFD detection into one compact and durable unit.  SyncScan can be upgraded with Phased Array and TOFD to satisfy various inspection requirements.

Superior Features:

  • Light weight 3.5 kg with battery.
  • IP rate: IP65.
  • 8.4″ touch screen LCD with resolution 800 x 600 pixels.
  • Remote Control/Ultracloud Function (Optional).
  • PA:  Multi-group Scanning, Weld Simulation/Corrosion Software (Optional).
  • TOFD:  1 – 4 Channel TOFD for Selection.


The SyncScan is designed, based on IP65 to work in complex industrial environment.  8.4″ touch screen can bring optimized effect for measurement and reading.  The SyncScan is so compact (only 3.5 kg, 88 mm thickness) that can be operated with only one hand for aloft and field work.


SyncScan is compatible with special corrosion software for corrosion mapping and composite inspection, as well as multi-group scanning functions for weld inspection.  Furthermore, simultaneous inspection of PA and TOFD can increase productivity in various inspection situations.


SyncScan can minimise the cost for Phased Array and TOFD in two aspects:

  • Affordable price.  SyncScan is a perfect choice for customers who are price sensitive.
  • Efficiency:  For many people, Phased Array and TOFD inspection is very tricky and complicated.  However, SIUI smart wizard can make PA and TOFD user-riendly.  To facilitate new PA and TOFD operators, SyncScan carries calibration wizard and scanning wizard with step-by-step menu t improve inspection speed.  Ultracloud platform is a perfect combination of SIUI original powerful processing technology and cloud service enabling customers to obtain service for SIUI products anytime and anywhere.

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