Straight Probe

Uploaded at: September 6th, 2021


Transducers for the Contact Inspection Method
Straight Beam-Single Element
Parts with regular geometry and relatively smooth contact surface
Flat or curved contact surface
Flaw or backwall parallel to surface or detectable with beam normal to surface
Preferred for penetration of thick sections
Delay line types improve near surface resolution
Requires couplant layer, typically a gel, oil, or paste
Typically used for manual inspection

General applications, simple structural metal parts
Detection of plank stuffs, large forgings, blank materials, castings

Performance Features:
-Good abrasion resistance
-BNC(Q9), Q6 connectors, applied for Chinese and American standards
-LENO-00 (C5), LEMO-1 (C9), microdot (L5) connectors, applied for European standard
-Based on piezoelectric composite crystal
-More penetrating power in attenuation material
-Higher signal-to-Noise Ratio than Coarse-grained metal, Glass Fiber, and Reinforced Composite Materials
-Short Pulse-Higher resolution than conventional series
-Sensitivity- 3-6 dB higher than conventional series
-Bandwidth- -3dB relative wide bandwidth from 60% to 120%
-Low Acoustic Impedance – Increased acoustic matching of angle probe, delay probe and immersion
probe, with higher sensitivity & bandwidth

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