Thickness gauge TG-140

Uploaded at: September 6th, 2021


– The machine can test on a wide range of material, including metals, plastic, ceramics, composites,epoxies, glass and other ultrasonic wave well-conductive materials.
– Transducer models are available for special application, including for coarse grain material and high temperature applications.
-10MHz and 7MHz transducer can use for thin material. The transdcuer touch point can reach to minium 10mm.
– Probe-Zero function: Veloctiy Calibration function.
– Two-Point Calibration function.
– The sound velocity of a material can be measured using a test piece with known thickness.
– Gain adjusting function can easy to test the cast iron material.
– Low limit and high limit alarm function.
– LED backlight display, convenient to use in dark environment.
– No-slip design with good touch feeling.
– Coupling status indicator shows the coupling status.
– Battery information indicates the rest capacity of the battery.
– Auto sleep and auto power off function to conserve battery life.
– Data software for connectting machine to PC and download memory data to PC.
– Optional thermal mini-printer to print the measured data via USB por

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