UV Light UVLED10000

Uploaded at: September 7th, 2021
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  • Characteristics of UV Light :
  1. Power energy – energy saving of only 9VA2. The average service life of the light source – 30000h!

    3. The content of UV-B is 0.

    4. 5-6 hours of battery life.

    5. External without wiring

    6. Quartz and optical glass module, non PMMA material, excellent weather resistance.

    7. Continuous working outside surface temperature<5K(5℃)

       NDT Magnetic Testing Handheld Rechargeable LED- UV Light
                     Form                      Handheld type

    Room temperature 25℃ 380mm calibration

    UV-LED4000: 4000uW/cm²

    UV-LED6000: 6000uW/cm²; Light-MAX1500LUX

    UV-LED8000: 8000uW/cm²; Light-MAX1500LUX

    UV-LED10000: 10000uW/cm²; Light-MAX1500LUX

    The effective coverage area 380mm calibration Diameter of about 200mm
    Wavelength Room temperature 25℃ 365nm±3nm(UVA)
    FLUX Error   0-40℃ ±10%
    The light distribution characteristic The light distribution center
    Power source AC100-240V 50/60Hz
    Power UV LED-9VA Light-3VA
    Overall dimensions 203mm(W)*110mm(D)*220mm(H)
    Weight 995g
    The charging time 3-4H
    Battery capacity 5800mA/H 12.6V
    Battery life (total time) UV LED 4-5H or Light 16H

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